Dear Ann,
Thank you so much for your reading today, it has given me piece of mind and the wonderful added bonus of having my family come through was just amazing. You are very gifted, and I don't think you realise just how much that means to someone like me who at times feels helpless and just wants the best for people you love. Thank you so so much. 
Have a wonderful day!!
Kindest regards
Julie Oct 2015

I bought this card sometime ago and when l found it recently tucked away in a book l knew just who it was for!Thankyou so much for the reading you did for me early November. You made me feel so welcome and settled from the beginning. Your guidance was wonderful, a clarity and knowing that l found comforting and also a gently nudge where needed!Thank you also for all the other gifts you gave me that day. Thank you for sending me the numerology guide – great depth and fascinating reading. I can see how our session together was as much about the chats as it was in the actually reading – isn’t the journey so very interesting? Something that kept coming to me after our time together was that you mentioned several times about your colleagues ethics and work practices. I feel that this a value and attribute you hold highly in others and in yourself, well my dear, it is well found in you and by you, it is your foundation and in your practices.Thank you for sharing your gifts. I am so pleased that we had the opportunity of crossing paths. Marcelle, Nov 2012

I have known Ann for quite a few years now. My first reading from Ann was so accurate with what was happening in my life at that time. Everything from personal to my work place to my daughter,I will never go to anyone else again as Ann has been accurate with all of the readings I have had with her.I wasn’t a very happy person with anything that was going on in my life until Ann read my Tarot cards,then I became more positive about my feelings and learnt to trust myself and have believe that l deserved to have the best in all areas of my life, I am so thankful for everything Ann has done for me.Thank you and Love always Alana Dec 2012

Ann is such a great person; I have been to see her for about 6 years now. Over those 6 years that she has been doing my readings the energy and positivity of her readings helped me through a lot of bad times and gave me clarification that I had the power to turn my life around.
I want to personally thank Ann for every bit of wisdom that has come out of her readings but not only is she an amazing Tarot reader but has such a great spirit. I highly recommend anybody to go to her. Hannah Dec 2012