Anne Trueman, Frankston Tarot Reader, Medium and Pyschic, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Anne Trueman, medium, psychic and tarot reader, frankston, melbourne, mornington peninsula

Ann Trueman - Tarot Reader, Medium and Pyschic - Melbourne, Carrum, Victoria, Australia

I was drawn to the spiritual world of mediumship at an early age, where I first had my tarot reading. That tarot reading held me in awe at how the cards resonated with what was happening in my life at that time. I walked away with more questions than when I started, I decided then I wanted to know more about the cards and the spiritual world.

I started studying the metaphysical realm, which I knew would unlock my natural abilities in mediumship, tarot,psychic and clairvoyant readings. I wanted my knowledge and connection to the spiritual world to expand, in order to assist other souls on their journey. The feeling of peace and contentment was ever present and at times was nothing I had ever felt before. It was like I had been born again.

I am fortunate in the way that I can share my spiritual gifts such as tarot reading and mediumship with you. What I have learnt and my connection to spirit world can benefit everyone. What the spirit world has given me is the ability to connect to your heart and soul, to help you on your journey in this lifetime. My intent is to aid and assist humankind in achieving their highest realization on their soul's journey.

My tarot readings are a guide for you to obtain all your soul has deemed for you in this lifetime to experience, love, success, and true happiness. To assist you in finding the answers that you may be searching for. We are all also gifted with free will to accept and acknowledge any information that is given to us, so I come to you as a guide with the hope that I may be of assistance in your journey in this lifetime.