The Lenormand has become very popular in the last few years in Australia but has been used in Europe since the 1700's.

This course will provide you with the guildlines to easily understand the 36 cards of this deck and easily access the divination power of this deck. I will guild you to the answers on how to read amazingly and accurate readings, once you have completed this 8 week course you will be able to predict matters of love, career, money and past lives in a professional manner.

The Lenormand handles most yes/no questions with ease, describes events and suggests where there will be difficulties and successess in the near future. The Lenormand has the ability to provide practical, down-to-earth information about the question at hand, they illuminate the nitty-gritty. They "tell it like it is" and rarely pull any punches

Tarot/Lenormand - two card reading systems that provide answers about your life but when you read them together they're so much more. By combining these two techniques they complement each other, adding another dimension to your reading, even clarifying what the cards are telling you. These two decks work together to form a powerful tool, each providing a different layer or meaning that you would not get from using just Tarot or The Lenormand alone.

Structure of Course:

Week 1:

  • Introduction - The lenormand
  • Tarot and The lenormand
  • Cards 1 - 10
  • 3 card readings
  • Practice connecting cards together

Week 2 :

  • Cards 11 - 20
  • 5 card readings
  • Practice connecting cards together

Week 3:

  • Cards 21 - 30
  • 5 card readings Yes/No questions
  • Practice connecting cards together

Week 4:

  • Cards 31- 36
  • 9 card readings
  • Practice connecting cards together

Week 5:

  • Combining Tarot and The Lenormand 5 card spread 2 x 2

Week 6:

  • Past lives & love connections

Week 7:

  • Revision

Week 8:

  • Student Readings

At the end of the course a Certificate of Completion will be given.

Classes are run fortnightly at a cost of $40 per class.

Next course commences Monday 22nd May 2017 10.30am - 12.30pm please book early!!

Images from the Tarot of Dreams Deck/ The Guilded Tarot and The Lenormand Deck reproduced by permission of Ciro Marchetti,